is a way of thinking - with curiosity and wit
is a way of living - with efficiency and composition
is a way of dressing - with color and surprise
OAD (pronounced 'ode')
is a poetic tribute to the geometry and function that distinguishes the brand.

O is for circle
A is for triangle
D is for semi-circle

Within these constraints of simplicity, we find the beauty and we play. We play with color and pattern. We play with function and form. We play with doing more with less.
O A D was founded in 2015 by Syndey Suh-Lee, a former shoe and handbag designer for Calvin Klein and accessories designer for the cult brand Kate Spade Saturday. Sydney started O A D because she couldn’t find a handbag that was sufficiently organized and satisfied her love of clean lines and color. From there , O A D was born. Precise pockets. Well-designed details. Customizable comfort. Multi-functional uses—and a playful point-of-view on everything else. While not rooted in any location, O A D is currently based in NYC and in Sydney’s hometown of Seoul, South Korea where she is able to source her materials and work closely with local manufacturers and artisans.
"Abstract art was the equivalent of poetic expression; I didn’t need to use words, but colors and lines.
I didn’t need to belong to a language-oriented culture but to an open form of expression."
-Etel Adnan
In 2020, we introduced the addition of OAD MRKT -

MRKT is a place of discovery, reminiscent of the feeling of delight + excitement discovering new places, ideas, and items while traveling and exploring. Building on the idea of...., offering items that complement and further elaborate on the story of OAD. MRKT is an ever-evolving and changing collection of limited curated finds.
OAD leather goods are responsibly and ethically made in a family owned factory in Seoul, South Korea. Each thoughtfully edited collection is produced in small batch runs in order to minimize waste. Each item is carefully designed to fulfill the idea of being beautiful, well crafted, and practical while also being mindful of the impact on our environment.
"Inspired by geometry, designed by function,
simplified by sophistication, and always doing more with less."