Procured from the finest sources around the world, all OAD New York goods are made with high-quality pebble leather treated to repel water and stains. Pebble leather is 100% cow hide and have gone through extensive tumbling to create a supple pebble texture and soft handfeel.

This leather can usually be cleaned with the use of a soft cotton cloth slightly dampened with distilled water (sodium-free seltzer water may be substituted) and a mild bar soap, applied in a circular motion. Repeat with distilled water only to ensure no residual soap remains. The leather should then be allowed to dry completely.

These leathers
 require no creams, polishes or cleansers to retain their beauty through a lifetime of use.

To preserve the natural beauty of your items for as long as possible, we recommend the following:

If you wish to prolong the original shape of your bag, try to keep from overloading it. 

Long exposure to light, heat and humidity or perfumes may cause leather to change color and/or texture. 

Avoid contact with water, greasy substances, make-up products or items that could easily stain the material. 

If your item comes into contact with water or other liquids, let dry + rub gently with a soft, neutral colored cloth.

After use, pack the interior of your bag with tissue paper + store in the dust bag included with your purchase.