Making OAD
Everything starts with "Doing More With Less"
While we are continually inspired by graphic, geometric shapes + vivid colors, the core of our design process is always guided by this singular philosophy - that investing in fewer thoughtfully designed products of exceptional quality + craftsmanship is better than buying trendy, cheaply manufactured items often. We created OAD with function in mind so that our 1 item can do more for you.
Responsible Manufacturing
Just outside of Seoul, South Korea sits a small family-owned leather goods factory in which OAD bags + accessories are impeccably crafted using only the highest quality of leathers. The Park family built their business from the ground up, and take pride in maintaining a clean, sun-lit studio in which all employees are paid fairly, treated respectfully, and work in safe conditions.

Mrs. Park is head of the factory, and we work with her on a daily basis to ensure that all goods are produced on time - that every detail is not missed - to a standard set by our creative director, Sydney. We also regularly make trips to visit, because really, it's the best way of working with a factory to ensure quality product.
We work with every leather from our core buttery pebbled leather to smooth calf to embossed exotics. We only use top grain leather (which is the highest quality) when crafting our bags and accessories. Every skin is carefully selected for consistent grain, thickness, and durability, and pattern pieces are arranged in a way to get the absolute best yield creating less waste.

We made a conscious, deliberate decision not to incorporate PU into our collections. These are often marketed as "vegan leathers" but in reality are essentially made of plastic + synthetics, and can be very damaging to the environment.
Small Batch Production
Each new season, we debut a carefully edited collection and produce only in limited runs to avoid overproduction and waste. Each item goes through a meticulous review with our team to make sure it fulfills the goal of being not only exquisite + elevating, but also a useful + practical item that brings joy with every wear. This ensures that only the best-of-the-best makes it to production, and that everything is considered and thoughtfully designed.
Our production process is small and simple- we try to be mindful of the ways even a small brand can affect things like resource consumption, climate change, and so on. We produce in limited batches so there's no "leftover" unsold item and less waste. We also use boat as the primary means of transporting our goods. The process is slower than air but less damaging to the environment. (Good things are worth waiting for!) Paper packaging is used as much as possible so that it can be recycled. We try to use the smallest amount of plastic necessary, while still protecting the product in transit. There will always be room for improvement- ways to change and grow to become more sustainable.

Equally important is the acknowledgment that sustainability is not a yes or no question, and it's not something that happens overnight. It's a gradual push towards being more efficient in all aspects of the brand, and it takes time. For us, it is an ongoing effort, but an absolute priority for which we are actively striving for.
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