When we first met Hanaduri at the Shoppe Object show we were instantly drawn to their beautiful designs inspired by colors + shapes. We are so excited to offer their beautiful new line of soaps to our shop.
Check out our interview with the founders!

Hanaduri, meaning one(hana) and two(duri), is a multi-disciplinary craft & design studio founded by twin sisters based in Seoul, South Korea. They specialize in handmade products interpreted in their unique, bold, and graphic style inspired by nature, culture, and everyday life.
What inspired you to start your brand?
Since the beginning of HANADURI, we​'ve been inspired by the art and ethos of Korea in which we try to convey the implied meanings and values of our own culture. We think of culture as a way of life that identifies who we are, and it's the most original way that we can reflect on our brand. Drawing inspiration from nature, we also value sustainability as a big part of our brand.
3 Words That Embody Your Brand:
Colorful, Useful, Joyful
Tell us about your favorite part of running a small business.
We really value our time spent in out studio, where we are able to deeply focus on the project we pursue. Since we are a small design team of 2, we also love meeting our clients and customers in person.
What do you feel is the most challenging part of creating and managing an independent brand?
Decision making is one of the toughest aspects. We always feel that every decision we make should be made in a thoughtful and responsible way.
3 things inspiring or influencing your design/creative process right now:
Before Covid-19, we drew a lot of our inspiration from our surroundings and being outdoors. These days, we are looking inward- finding inspiration in the scenery from our home, old photos, and past design work. It felt like a good opportunity for a change - to get inspiration from inside ourselves.
When or what makes you feel most rewarding as a small business owner?
When we get a message from customers all over the world that they are enjoying our products!
Any new exciting project / product coming up?
We are planning a zero-waste project called 'B the Best' which utilizes B-grade products. B-grade products are Hanji books and soaps that have imperfections because of small mistakes or damage during production but are still usable. We give them new life by reprinting the notebook covers and repurposing unused soaps in new batches. We are always mindful of nature and try to not waste materials as much as possible.
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